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The first ever hidden object game in 2005 was “Mystery Case Files: Huntsville,” according to the web site PC Games Junkie. HOGs or Hidden Object Games have become increasingly popular for your Computer ever since. So who plays all those games of ‘Track and Seek?’ What would be the appeal? After a while aren’t they all the same? When I look at this type of sports, I would try to answer certain queries. I’ve been visiting Gaming Forums and Blogs, reading reviews, playing games, writing some reviews myself, and all the while I’ve been asking myself, “Why am I still playing these games?”

Games with hidden objects typically have amazing graphics, beautiful music, cunningly creative hidden things to discover, a plot to explore, and mini games and puzzles to solve. The storey-line most often entails revealing a puzzle, collecting evidence and/or buttons, discovering mysteries and witnessing adventures! But where most HOGs have these core elements in them, plenty give little twists and turns, odd environments and various mini puzzles, to make them fun!If you wish to learn more about this, visit birthday party things to do.

Hidden Object Games are part of the casual games sector , which means they can be downloaded from different sites and you get a standard free 60 minute preview. This allows you to explore a game in full before determining whether or not to actually pay for the full version. Also many hidden object games have an online version as an option. Typically this is a scaled down version of the full game and may have only a small number of levels, but they do allow you to play the games immediately without first having to download something. If you’re looking for a quick game to play during your lunch break, these are perfect.

Before a game begins, you’re always advised you’ve been tasked with a really critical mission to solve this-and-such mystery … Then you are transported to a brightly lit, wonderfully drawn and cluttered room, packed with any conceivable thing from an armchair to a zebra, presented with a list of things to be located, and given a fixed amount of time and hints.

No time to loose with this task before you, the clock is ticking so dig in. You start scanning for rutabagas and rhinos on the phone, clicking on lemons and lions and chuckling with delighted glee as you eventually discover the dog and the doughnut! Pride fills your chest as you finish the first room effectively, smuggling with the knowledge of how observant you are, how good you are and how smart you are …

Many years ago as a child I remember playing games of ‘I Spy, with my little eye’ while lying in the dark bedroom I shared with my two younger sisters. Often our powers of observation and memory were sorely tested as we took turns and described items in the room, hoping the others had forgotten or never noticed them before.

It can be very satisfying to take on a task to complete a stage. As a way of calming after a hard day at work, or just searching for a few hours’ break from the mortgage to orthodontist expenses, they are perfect. You can refocus your attention and get swept up in the game, search for secret items, keys and answers to the mystery.

The best Hidden Object Games I’ve played so far would be Escape Rosecliff Island and Mishap: An Unintended Ghost. Both of them have outstanding visuals, music, plot, and secret artefacts that are difficult while being so stressful that they make you tear your hair out of the roots!

So play a Hidden Object Game and go on a scavenger hunt the next time you ‘re searching for anything a little different. You just never know what you’re going to discover!