Advice on Choosing a Business Telephone System

It is a big decision for your business to make the right choice when choosing a telephone system. As you shop for a new system there are some important considerations to keep in mind. check it out  for more info.

System Capacity-In addition to about 12 incoming lines, the majority of business telephone systems can handle around 24 telephone extensions. The elements of smaller telephone systems may not be transferable to a larger system in most situations, if you choose to upgrade in the future. When your business is expanding rapidly and you think in the coming months or years you will be recruiting additional staff, it’s a good idea to make the investment in a program that can accommodate your growing needs.

Direct Lines-You will need to ensure you get an ISDN compatible system for any business that needs direct lines for its workers. This enables you to use direct dialing and see caller ID, the primary number will be shown irrespective of which line is picked up or for the calls being transferred. ISDN is available in virtually any region.

Voicemail-You’ll have to determine whether you want a voicemail feature for your phones that applies to each specific handset. If you have direct lines, a voicemail service will often be available but you will need to agree on certain aspects of it, such as how many messages you can store and whether you want the opportunity to forward messages to other phones or as emails.

The Handset-Telephone handset is an important consideration in buying a new telephone system as you use it every day and it needs to be easy and comfortable to use. Many salesmen of the telephone system will sell you on a base handset model at a lower price. While spending more on a higher priced model can be challenging, you can find that the investment is well worth it. More user-friendly phone handsets that offer better quality of sound, may come with more features and may last longer than a cheaper version.

Installation-Installation process is the final thing to consider. The company you buy the system upgrade from will probably install the system as part of their kit, although if you want you can hire another company to do it for you. This is not a field to scrimp on because it will not work as you need it no matter how good the device is you buy if it is built in an amateur fashion. The best option is to make sure whoever installs the system does a good job and delivers exactly what you need to your company.