Band Instrument Repair – Making Tools to Suit the Task

One of the most fascinating and satisfying occupations there is fixing musical instruments. Woodwinds and brass share almost the same concepts of action but have their own distinctive sounds. Once they are fixed, one often arrives at a point where no device seems to be correct for a specific problem. It would seem possible. Music Store near me offers excellent info on this.

Soon after learning how to fix devices, you should start looking very differently at the equipment in hardware stores. During instrument repair, for example, pliers in one trade are entirely different. I know of one $2.00 pliers brand that sat in a large bin at the hardware store that was purchased and converted into at least five different and unique devices for each of the techs in our shop.

Crochet hooks (metal) are now spring handling devices you can’t do without. They are the device of choice to release and reassemble springs on flutes, saxophones, clarinets, oboes, English horns and other instruments that have loaded keys from the spring.

Dental devices have many, many applications, such as grinding and handling joint solder. Clean old solder off and smooth out new solder etc. Often, strip old glue and chip off rust in places that are hard to touch.

Drum sticks, hammers for shoes, knives for razes, tops for cans, papers for cigarettes etc. After a while you can imagine almost anything turning into a useful tool. A handful of people make a new device and after it proves to be useful that person can patent it and mass produce it for the field of instrument repair.