Back Pain Relief With Bowen Therapy

Bowen treatment can be very helpful in managing back pain and sciatica. While it’s a type of bodywork, bowen has a specific impact on the body. No kneading of the muscle tissue, or bone manipulation in some way. Time Out Project-Bowen Therapy offers excellent info on this.

The bowen ‘movements’ are soft, quick and fast inducing neuronal impulses that allow the body to reach a deep calming state. It causes relaxing of the muscles , tendons and ligaments, freeing some pinched nerves like the sciatic nerve. Bowen is a natural procedure that addresses the whole body at once such that it can deal with certain forms of discomfort such as back pain, arm pain, migraines, carpal tubes, fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis etc.

Bowen therapy is so compassionate that it can be used on anybody, including pregnant mothers, infants, teenagers, poor and elderly people. This needs both a healthy solution for competitors and no medications.

Bowen should be seen as an alternative to chiropractic, physiotherapy, relaxation, acupuncture, decompression of the spinal cord, osteopathy, rapid release method, trigger point therapy and physical therapy.


In 1998, Amy Norman conducted a Bowen thesis at Chapel Hill, School of Physical Activity, Exercise and Sport Science, at the University of North Carolina.

Practitioners classified their clients with the following results:

Effectiveness of back pain 85 percent for an total of 4.3 sessions

88 percent effectiveness in 4.5 sessions of the neck discomfort

Effectiveness of pain 83 percent, anxiety of 4 therapies

After 5.8 therapies 83 percent effectiveness in their “other” segment

Clients registered the following results after completing their treatments:

Effectiveness for back pain 85 per cent

Effectiveness of pain and anxiety 80 percent

Effectiveness of Fibromyalgia 80 per cent

Effectiveness of TMJ 95 per cent

Effectiveness of hip discomfort 80 percent

75.6% On “all” terms

Chronic back pain may be crippling. A quick, gentle treatment such as bowen treatment may help alleviate discomfort, enabling one to return to enjoying daily life ‘s activities and pleasures.